Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate luxury collaboration with Bentley Bordeaux

By Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate,

Raphaël VENE de Bentley Bordeaux avec Michael Baynes
Raphaël VENE, Sales Manager at Bentley Bordeaux with Michael Baynes 

Looking after our clients in the digital age

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force on 25 May 2018 at a time when the news is full of discussion about Cambridge Analytica, elections and the privacy of our online data. To remain at the forefront of our respective markets, luxury brands must evolve and find ways to reach our client bases appropriately and sensitively. Brands, reputation and luxury market understanding have a lot in common even if the luxury product is different.

Bentley Motors

Bentley – a luxury brand

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Christie’s Culture

For the past 250 years, Christie’s has developed a culture of discretion and sensitivity to its clients lives, data and interests without diminishing its ability to develop commercially. The result is one of the most impressive client lists in the world, a global leader in luxury products and the title of the most successful auction house in the world. The role of discretion in the luxury market is not optional but foundational and so seeking strategic collaborations with trusted luxury brands offers an intelligent solution to serve our respective clients. Affiliated  with Christie’s International Real Estate, we can develop relationships that are appropriate and comfortable for our respective clients to enjoy and profit from via trusted professionals.

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The Importance of a trusted endorsement

Two years ago we launched our collaboration with the invitation-only luxury real estate affiliation EREN  – the European Real Estate Network – this formed an important part of our strategy to link arms with brands that are consistent with ours in the luxury real estate market. The logic is that if a buyer of luxury real estate has developed a trusted relationship with us they will be comfortable with an endorsement of those in our network. Although there are numerous famous examples of network endorsements, perhaps the spiritual founder is Josiah Wedgewood who famously connected his tableware with dignitaries and royalty of his day.

Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate collaborates with Bentley Bordeaux

Bentley Bordeaux

Today we are excited to launch the next step in our efforts to building partnerships with credible brands serving the ultra-high net worth community. Like Christie’s, Bentley Motors has understood the luxury market for a very long time (almost a century in fact) recognising the value of ensuring that their brand remains at the top of the luxury family tree. Brand associations through joint marketing efforts and social events provide excellent venues to reach each other’s clients so we are looking forward to working on a selection of projects together with Bentley Motors in Bordeaux


In an age where trust on-line is weakening by the day, the value of trusted personal relationships and endorsements is increasing. We will not be selling beautiful Bentleys – we remain committed to our core expertise in the luxury real estate sector. However, we look forward to you seeing our Maxwell-Baynes brand and the Bentley brand collaborating more and more in the months to come.