Understanding Our Affiliation With Christie’s International Real Estate

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You may be aware of our affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate …. but what does it actually mean?

Many people are unaware that the Christie’s International Real Estate affiliation is an invitation-only group made up of real estate specialists that Christie’s consider as the market leaders in various territories around the world. Christie’s select these organizations to represent their name, culture and standards. It is not a franchise as is the case with Coldwell Banker or Sotheby’s, but rather a close working collaboration. Maxwell-Baynes has been in the affiliation now for almost seven years and is one of only four companies in France that have been invited to enter this exclusive network.

“Selected by Christie’s International Real Estate as the market leader for Bordeaux, Dordogne and Charente” Dan Conn CEO Christie’s International Real Estate.

Bringing Bordeaux to the world and the world to Bordeaux.”

Since Maxwell-Baynes’ inception in 2008, co-founders Karin Maxwell and Michael Baynes have made it a core value to be market makers. To them this means going out to the market and bringing investors and clients to Bordeaux. It was this ambition that underwrote their tagline “Bringing Bordeaux to the world and the world to Bordeaux.”

‘Christie’s Bordeaux’

Today, we are often referred to as ‘Christie’s Bordeaux’ and it is true that our identity is heavily influenced by both our affiliation with Christie’s as well as our focus on selling prestigious properties and vineyards in the Bordeaux region and its surrounding territories. But the drive to bring the world to Bordeaux takes Karin and Michael to far reaching parts of the world to meet with key clients, network or to present to audiences. Over the past 24 months Karin and Michael have covered a lot of ground seeking to bring the global market to Bordeaux. Between them they have been to China twice (including Hong Kong), Napa Valley, London (numerous times), Paris, Los Angeles, Prague, Zurich, Bratislava, Valencia( Spain), and Lisbon. Here they are at the Christie’s International Real Estate conference in Dublin.

Karin Maxwell & Michael Baynes Christie's International Real Estate Conference Dublin 2016

Karin Maxwell & Michael Baynes Christie’s International Real Estate Conference Dublin 2016

This month (September 2017) the destination was New York. Michael had a four day trip to Manhattan to meet clients and spend some time discussing strategy with the Christie’s International Real Estate executive team, and CEO Dan Conn. The Christie’s team are a powerhouse of competence and are constantly looking for ways to collaborate, support or promote their affiliate team members. Last year alone Christie’s collaborated with 94 promotional events around the world such as wine-tastings or joint events with Aston Martin, Rolls Royce or other global power brands in the luxury sector.

Michael Baynes from Maxwell-Baynes visits Christie's International Real Estate in New York

Michael Baynes from Maxwell-Baynes visits Christie’s International Real Estate in New York

During the days that Michael was in New York it was “Asia week” at the auction house. The presentation rooms at 20 Rockefeller were filled with Asian masterpieces and fine art and of course the audience was heavily dominated by Chinese collectors and investors. Christie’s ensures that the real estate that its affiliates have mandates to sell is well represented at such sales & events. There are giant screens displaying images of some of the most prized properties in the world including, of course, those of Christie’s Bordeaux. Chinese translated Christie’s International Real Estate magazines are available on shelves and counters throughout the auction house. With so many Chinese present, there was a specific booth manned by Miao, a native from Chengdu, who works for Christie’s to act as a liaison for Chinese investors and clients interested in real estate.

Michael Baynes (Maxwell-Baynes) on the podium at Christie's International Real Estate, New York

Michael Baynes (Maxwell-Baynes) on the podium at Christie’s International Real Estate, New York

Although the auction had not started when Michael was in the auction house, he was nevertheless invited to take the podium for a photo opportunity….

The Maxwell-Baynes relationship with Christie’s continues to be as strong as ever with numerous strategic collaborations underway.

The next destination for Karin and Michael?

Early in the New Year of 2018, they will visit Argentina for networking in Buenos Aires and Mendoza. With these visits, they continue to represent their Bordeaux clients to some of the most qualified international buyers around the world.

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