A World First That’s Worth Looking Into

By Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate,

A few metres from the Bordeaux Opera House on the Cours du Chapeau Rouge the discerning eye will be drawn by the art behind the windows of number 28.  Both intriguingly new, yet in keeping with its elegant neighbours, its fascia bears the names of Christie’s International Real Estate and Maxwell-Baynes.

Maxwell-Baynes – Christie’s International Real Estate, 28, Cours du Chapeau Rouge, Bordeaux, France

Is this a gallery, a real estate agency or a base for a global brand?  It is all of these blended in a subtle way that makes the place unique, and not only in France.  This could be a world first

Step inside . . .

The walls stripped back to stone are hung with the work of Bordeaux artist Barbara Schroeder, inspired by her time in Johannesburg under the auspices of SAFFCA, the Southern African Foundation For Contemporary Art.

The exhibition’s unveiling on November 15th 2018 also marked the opening of the premises themselves and the 10th anniversary of the originators, Karin Maxwell and Michael Baynes of the whole enterprise, Maxwell-Baynes – Christie’s International Real Estate.

Karin Maxwell and Michael Baynes on the opening night of 28, Cours du Chapeau Rouge, Bordeaux

Co-founders Karin Maxwell and Michael Baynes on the opening night of 28, Cours du Chapeau Rouge, Bordeaux

Since 2008 the firm’s success in selling exquisite chateaux and historic manor houses, as well as vineyard transactions through Vineyards-Bordeaux, earned them the appointment as exclusive affiliate of  Christie’s International Real Estate as “market leaders for Bordeaux, Dordogne and Charente.”

A selection of luxury properties and vineyards for sale

A selection of luxury properties, chateaux and vineyards for sale in Bordeaux and the surrounding areas

Sophisticated clientele

This is a distinction not lightly bestowed.  Christie’s International Real Estate is the only real estate company owned by a fine art auction house.  Christie’s extends its influence through an invitation-only network of affiliates. This is composed of the world’s most proven and qualified specialists in the luxury residential sector whom Christie’s evaluate as the market leaders in their territories.  There are only around 135 global affiliates. As one of just six in France, Maxwell-Baynes has privileged access to properties no-one else can reach, including in the city of Bordeaux itself.

Maxwell-Baynes 28 Cours du Chapeau Rouge, Bordeaux

To establish its presence in this specialist market, Maxwell-Baynes sought to create a unique space.  Where can you find a more tranquil a setting to discuss and satisfy the needs of a sophisticated clientele, both Bordelaise and international – for rare town houses and vineyards – than this timeless space? It is sympathetic to both contemporary art and its location in the city’s historic Golden Triangle.

Bill Blatch from Christie's Wine, Li Lijuan and Michael Baynes

Bill Blatch from Christie’s Wine, Li Lijuan and Michael Baynes

Our goal in Bordeaux is to provide a space where the residents of Bordeaux, our clients and our friends can enjoy the rich provenance that Christie’s brings us through its love of art and artists,” says co-founder Michael Baynes. “We believe that the most practical way that we can share the link between art and real estate is by giving our walls to artists throughout the year.”

Opening night Maxwell-Baynes Christie's International Real Estate Bordeaux

Opening night Maxwell-Baynes – Christie’s International Real Estate Bordeaux

Carmina Candeloro Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate Bordeaux

Carmina Candeloro, Bordeaux City Director, Maxwell-Baynes Real Estate

Bordeaux City Director, Carmina Candeloro adds: “We are so excited to represent all aspects of the Christie’s brand under one roof. To be able to host our clients in an elegant art space under such a prestigious brand is a great privilege for our team. 

The setting for such an exquisitely calibrated collaboration may well be a world first. It’s certainly a first for France. And well worth looking into.

Maxwell-Baynes - Christie's International Real Estate logo

For more information please contact: Bordeaux@MaxwellBaynes.com

Maxwell-Baynes – Christie’s International Real Estate

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